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About Us

Gynandrous Clothing is a UK-based clothing boutique that thrives off of taking classic pieces and trajecting them into the modern day.


We strive to bring creative universes together by showcasing them on a multitude of platforms. Mixing timeless silhouettes with bold prints to make the woman of today feel less ordinary and more extraordinary.


Our vision is to show the world that by simply wearing a timeless dress, zipping up those boots and donning your best chunky earrings that you really can conquer the world!


Kiss fast fashion goodbye.


Shop independent, shop sustainable by shopping Gynandrous.


Your Story

“I’ve always been into statement clothing and I jumped at the chance to own a Gynandrous item and now it’s been worn with pride all over the world on my travels!”

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  • Folkestone

  • Kent

  • Tel: 07841866515